5 Smart & Useful Home Gadgets

The following devices are easy to set up in your computer and life in general because they have been created with care about you and your house. But be careful, they ease a life so profoundly that their excessive usage can lead to converting into a couch potato with a limited vocabulary to ‘OK Google’.  Thus, choose only a single one, the most appealing for you to implement in your chores.

Useful Home Gadgets

So, glance over a concise description of a device (in the brackets you will find a suggested model of each gadget), its purpose and advantages/disadvantages. So why you wait, lets check the 5 awesome useful home gadgets.

5 Smart & Useful Home Gadgets In 2021

1. A receiver that will indulge your need for proper sounding

Receiver (Denon AVRX1400H)if you have decided to have a house full of massively loud sounds, a receiver is the right choice.

How to apply: it can be adjusted to a TV or a subwoofer. Mostly all devices have a few HDMI 2.0 ports, USB, and a headphones output. Not all models have an A/V application for Windows, e.g. Yamaha RX-A3070BL doesn’t have one, so check up a Denon vs Yamaha review and choose a suitable one.

Connectivity: most receivers have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for streaming music from a smartphone (Apple and Android), a tablet or a computer from AirPlay, iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify; it can be operated via Alexa.


  • It supports HEOS multiroom platform that allows it to integrate seamlessly with wireless speakers and bring a wider range of music streaming services.


  • It does not have MCACC Pro, which would be an additional convenience when it could tune sounding on its own.

Note: Check up on comparisono.com what models have the Zone 2 that let you watch 2 TVs simultaneously and which models work with Comcast, Xfinity, TV, and Dish, so you can listen to music in one room and a TV can work in another one.

2. Save a place & time with a wireless scan mouse

Wireless scan mouse (Zcan Wireless) − is able to scan any surface, image, and text in any language, so you can edit it in Word or Excel straight away. It saves your time (you don’t need to type from an original document or even look for and adjust a copying device) and space on a working area (both scanner and piles of papers are unnecessary) or even better to say that it doesn’t bound you to a certain area to work – you are free to scan and edit in bed or outdoors.

How to apply: You just swipe back and forth on a text or a picture of any size.

Connectivity: It works with an iPad, a MacBook, a PC, a tablet or a laptop.


  • With a Google Translate shortcut, scanned words are instantly translated; this function is built-in on iPhone and iPad.
  • Scan material can be sent instantly on Facebook and Twitter.


  • It happens that the OCR produces odd letters rather than real words.

Note: It’s connected with Evernote to keep everything synchronize.

3. A boundless 2D & 3D picture with a home projector

Wireless projector (NEC NP905) − load the applications on the PC, configure the Wi-Fi link and have a big picture even without a screen on a wall, which saves space in your flat because also, it can replace a TV with its chunky cables and stream through Wi-Fi from your PC or a smartphone. It can be used both for work and film watching.

How to apply: You follow a 5-minute setup and connect it to the video source via Wi-Fi.

Connectivity: The wireless connection requires Windows.


  • Picture-in-picture feature allows you to watch one video on the main screen and another one on an addition small square in the corner.
  • It has an option for you to choose a wall color in the settings due to which the keystone automatically adjusts the picture tones.


  • Both an image and a video occasionally stutter, especially when you get close to its 70-ft range.

Note: It saves space and can be used outdoors.

4. A new technology for old traditions with a Wi-Fi photo frame

Wi-Fi photo frame (PF Digital eStarling WPF-388B digital photo frame) – in case you have a storage of photos that are hidden somewhere in the dark nook of your computer and you are always forgetting about them. This gadget from our list is a special one due to its purpose because it’s more personal rather than practical, but it doesn’t decrease its quality.

How to apply: Put a flame in a favorable place and set timing including a dissolve and various wipes through a tiny remote that e from six transitions.

Connectivity: Plug in the frame, connect it to the PC with the included USB – that’s all.


  • You can upload snaps in groups directly to the online photo services, like Flickr and Picasa.
  • It on its own downsize images without noise, artifacts, and quality deterioration.


  • It takes a couple of minutes to start displaying photos.

Note: It can display photos in any room via Wi-Fi.

5. A wireless content streaming through rooms with a Media Center extender

Wi-Fi Media Center extender (HP MediaSmart Connect x280n) delivers HDTV everywhere. It bounds a Windows Media Center PC that can be in the office and the HDTV in another room. Thus, you can surf the Web, watch online videos and listen to the Internet radio on the TV that is transformed into an online powerhouse.

How to apply: You can use it to access content from XP-based PCs and non-Media Center-enabled Vista PCs using standard Windows Media Connect/UPnP/DLNA media sharing technologies; plus, the interface is fancy.

Connectivity: It has a one-time setup, once it’s connected and online, you can watch movies on Cinema Now and recorded shows on the Media Center PC, view pictures from the PC, which don’t have any jerkiness or delays.


  • It’s possible to access content on USB mass storage devices.
  • It has compatibility with CinemaNow and HP Snapfish (photo sharing).


  • It doesn’t have a dedicated DVD player.

Note: It can access photo, video, and music content stored on a PC and other compatible network-attached gadgets.

A Few Words Instead Of Conclusion

Modern technologies aspire to ease your life in its every aspect and save space at your place. Thus, there are plenty of gadgets that can be adjusted to your PC like a wireless scan mouse, a media center and a projector; a Wi-Fi photo frame for coziness, and a receiver for a proper sounding.

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