6 Ways to Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Successful

Let’s try to imagine one situation where you’ve come to the presentation. You’re sitting in your seat. The presenter starts the speech with a dull face and a quiet voice. You’re starting to yawn and you begin thinking of anything else but the presentation. If you don’t want your audience to feel the same during your speech, let’s try to figure out what can make it look and sound dynamic and live. It’s you who can make people listen carefully to the information you give and how this information is perceived.

Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Successful

Use the right templates

If you have a corporate Powerpoint template that everyone uses for presenting new products or anything else, you should do all your best not to employ it. To make the process faster and easier, use powered templates to convince your boss that other templates are worth using. You can describe the situation in the first paragraph in the case of using a corporate style.

Use live diagrams

If you make your slides only with the text and nothing more, you are likely to lack some proofs that your product deserves attention. If you provide charts and diagrams that are moving, you can appeal to figures and different experiments. These things influence people and their decision centers of the brain. Don’t overdo with it not to turn a presentation into a cartoon.

Make it as easy as a pie

If the information you provide requires some background knowledge, it’s all ok. But if you’re using the words that an average person cannot remember or employ too long sentences, your audience can lose any interest in you and your words. If you cannot avoid too difficult terms or definitions, try to make them short and show their images on the slide.

Use new backgrounds

If you don’t like the colors of the template you employ or you want to emphasize some separate points within one presentation, you can use various background coloring. But make sure the text remains readable and the colors of different slides match. If you have time, you can put the presentation away and come back to it in a few days to evaluate each slide.

6 Ways to Make Your PowerPoint Presentation Successful

Use bullets

Don’t just place the text on the slide. You can use bullets for the text consisting of several lines. If there are only a few words, there’s no need to employ the bullets. Place three to four words per line, don’t write sentences that will fill in the slide. You can even use one word per bullet. People don’t like to be overloaded with information that they have to read on the screen.

Watch the time

It doesn’t mean you have to look at your watch all the time, but you have to divide the whole presentation into pieces consisting of a certain period. Don’t forget to find time for asking and answering questions at the end. You should also think about what you will do in case of technical failures, or in case the audience has no questions to ask and you have a lot of time before you finish.

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