Best Five Free Online PC Tech Support Platform

If you’re searching for free tech support, this article helps you to find out the best Free Online PC Tech Support Platform. Most of the sites in this article have unpaid assistant staffing and that means the value of answers to your questions can very broadly – it all depends on the person you search out. Have a tech-related question or trouble with your PC? With more than a million articles by now in their list, the chances are good that platform resolved the similar trouble for someone in the record. Before you put your own post, first using their search facility – it may keep you (and them) some expensive moment.

There are thousands of PC self-help related guidelines, activities, tweaks, tutorials, and PC and laptop related content that will assist you to get to recognize your operating system and facilitate its work easily and securely. Be sure to bookmark this post for future reference!

Best Free Technical Support Sites:

1. Tech Support Forum
If you’re searching for PC Troubleshooting information, seem no more. They have a huge content of searchable information at their Tech Support Articles section. Best for computer beginners and small trades that need onsite tech support, these websites provide complete PC tune-up as well as tech support for a broad choice of peripherals, such as copiers, computers, WI-Fi router. As well, this tech support website can help with setting up your gadgets, Wi-Fi network, and computers.

Tech Support Forum

2. Tech Support Guy
This free online pc tech support platform is a technology forum that specializes in tech service programs for beginners and learners. In terms of Online PC Tech Support, the website provides complete remote support for your PC and all of its peripherals. With a large range of services and a helpful support team comprised of local English speakers,

Step by step instructions to the users online for eliminating the trouble. Sometimes the helpful guys will access your PC safely sitting at a long remoteness after the grant of your consent. They help you lots of maintaining services, such as Windows Fix, Printer Support, Microsoft Office Fix, Router Maintain, etc. Sometimes this helpful Tech Support Guy resolving the technical matters through online live chat.

 Free Online PC Tech Support

3. Protonic
This website is a forum-based Windows facilitate tune-up. It’s fairly active with answers to questions often posted within a little hour. The “Ask a question” section is particularly active and the responses posted both supportive and sound. The Tell a Friend, Techs, and Faq’s sections are at present a bit skinny but that does not divert from the overall quality of this free website for common Windows maintain. Sign-up is necessary to post a query but this is an easy and quick process.


4. Computer Hope:

This free online PC tech support platform offers a summary of different resources on the Web that recommend free technical support on PC- and Internet-related matters.

We also catch a look at sites that present free forums, tips, Basic troubleshooting, and other learning resources, as well as sites that present free instruction in topics such as Questions and answers, Dictionary, etc.

Computer Hope

5. PC Advisor :

This is an open forum where users can post troubles in the expectation that another forum member can assist. The available forums cover how to, reviews, the computer, and the internet with many subdivisions under each category.

pc advisor

That’s all free online pc tech support sites are very helpful. You can find out your query from there. All the sites in the above are very helpful so feel free to ask and write your tech problem in their contact form and wait for the answer.

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