Famisafe App Review (Best Parenting App)

Not knowing what your kids are doing is a daily source of anxiety, since you do not know the kind of content they get to see while using their smartphones. The harmful content they see on their mobile phones may subsequently affect their nurturing minds negatively.

Famisafe App Review (Best Parenting App)

This is especially the case due to the increased incidences of children being subjected to pornographic content, cyberbullying, catfishing, among other detrimental activities. However, Wondershare has launched the best parenting app, FamiSafe App, which enables you to keep track of your kids as well as their online doings 24/7.

Famisafe App Review (Best Parenting App)

1. Web Filtering

This feature enables you to prevent your children from having access to any potential online threats by blocking inappropriate or unwanted sites such as those of violence, pornography, and gambling. It allows you to make exemptions for particular websites by giving the site’s URL and consequently the option of whether to allow it or block it.

2. Location Tracking

It is the most used feature, and it enables you to know the whereabouts of your kids, thereby safeguard they have not been going to suspicious locations. Therefore, you can know the current location of your child, the places they visit most often thanks to access to the location history as well as the present battery percentage. Moreover, you can create Geofences which allows you to set the desired location your kids need to be in and immediately get notifications whenever they either leave or enter that place.

3. Screen Time Control

With this feature, you can see the amount of time your kid has spent on the phone and set a screen time limit option after which your kid will not be able to use their phones. For example, setting a ten-minutes time limit ensures your child will not be permitted to use any of the phone’s app until ten minutes have elapsed. Also, with this feature, you can lock your kid’s phone for particular periods so that they remain focused, for instance, when doing homework or during bedtime.

4. App Blocking

Kids easily get addicted to specific mobile apps, mainly social-media related apps like Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, as a parent, you need to limit the usage of these apps, and this feature enables you to do that successfully, plus it enables you to set periods after which the apps are automatically blocked. Likewise, this feature allows you to block certain apps completely, and in case your kid tries to access the app, you will be sent a notification immediately.

5. Cyberbullying Prevention

It is crucial to safeguard your kids from online cyberbullying a trend that has significantly increased in the recent past. Therefore, with this feature, you immediately are notified whenever your kids get any offensive words in their WhatsApp Messenger, SMS, or the Messenger Lite on smartphones. Usually, you can add these insulting words, thereby get notified whenever an attempt of online cyberbullying is made, safeguarding your kids from harm.

6. Compatibility

This app is compatible with iOS gadgets that have iOS 9.x, 10.x, and above. Likewise, all mobile handsets with Android 4.4 and above are compatible with the FamiSafe app.

7. Remote Control

You only need to access your child’s phone once to set up the app. All the other subsequent times, you can seamlessly access your kid’s phone remotely and have a look at whatever content they have access to while on their mobile phones.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

You now have an idea about the app and how it would help you monitor your children’s whereabouts. Famisafe gives you the opportunity to check the demo pages. Additionally, the FamiSafe app helps you control the kind of activities they are engaged in while on their smartphones. Therefore, it enables you to carry out your parental duties and ensure your kids are safeguarded from many of the harmful elements present in today’s societies. This consequently ensures your kid’s mental development does not get affected negatively, making it the best parenting app.

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