Common iPhone Troubles And Basic Troubleshooting

Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, we can now accomplish so much with just our smartphones. Over the years, Apple remains to be one of the top technology providers in terms of smartphones and other electronic gadgets. In fact, every time a new iPhone is released, Apple enthusiasts camp outside legit Apple stores to be the first users of the latest iPhone unit. However, iPhones don’t come without any mishaps. Thus, here are some of the most common problems you may encounter with your iPhone and how these can be resolved.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Iphone for Free

What to do if you get locked out of your iPhone?

Like the rest of mankind, you can also get pre-occupied or forget things from time to time. So what if you forgot your lock screen code? While there are already several hacks on how to unlock iPhone devices, sometimes, the fingerprint technology incorporated in your iPhone can simply do the trick. But for older iPhone models, removing the passcode is the key. You will need to connect to a computer to do so. Now, if you diligently back up your data to the cloud, there is a great change that you will be able to recover all the information on your iPhone such as your photos, videos, music, and messages among others.

What to do if your iPhone won’t charge?

It is truly heartbreaking if you are in the middle of streaming a new Netflix series then your phone dies out on you. IT is even a total bummer when your iPhone won’t charge. Before heading over to the nearest Apple store, try to force a restart first by holding down the sleep/wake button at the right side of your phone simultaneously with the home button. Hold these buttons until you see the Apple logo and try charging once more. If a force restart doesn’t work, try to switch outlets, ports, or even cables. If all these fail, try to restore your iPhone in iTunes before charging your device once again.

What to do if your iPhone has battery life problems?

Apart from not charging, there may be instances wherein you may experience an abrupt drain in battery or a sudden full charge within just minutes of being plugged in. This can be an indication of your iPhone’s battery life problem. While the first line of defense is just to wait it out, especially after a software update, the second thing that you can consider is a hard reset. After which, you can verify your phone’s battery usage under your phone’s settings. There is a “show activity” display that will give you a detailed breakdown of your phone’s power usage. You can even get a broad look at your phone’s power consumption over a certain period of time. There is also a battery health feature under settings that you can use to check the percentage of your battery condition.

What to do if the Bluetooth connection won’t work?

The first line of defense for this type of problem is to unpair the old device from your phone. Once the old devices have been unpaired through the setting of your phone, try again if the Bluetooth connection now works. If not, try to toggle your Bluetooth by turning it on and off. It can be pretty amazing how so much trouble can easily be fixed by a simple stop and start solution. You can also put your phone in airplane mode before turning it back to active mode once again, as a toggling solution. Alternatively, you can also reset your network connections. If your Bluetooth connection doesn’t seem to work, perhaps it is time to do a hard reset, which is basically restarting your entire iPhone.

Alternatively, you can try to pair other devices because there are instances wherein it is not your phone that is causing the problem but the other device being paired. In this case, you need to forget the old device being paired with your phone. If this ultimately works, then you’re all right. Nevertheless, you can always opt to update your software or restore in iTunes before contacting Apple.

What to do if your iPhone’s AirDrop connection is not working?

AirDrop is a great feature because it allows you to share photos, videos, and all other information to other Apple devices. However, if this feature doesn’t work, check first whether the other device is compatible with the AirDrop feature. This is because older iPhone models are not compatible with AirDrop. Then, you can adjust the AirDrop settings and you can toggle between the three levels which are off, contacts only, and everyone. If this doesn’t seem to work, you always have the option of toggling the radios or doing the hard reset. Finally, perhaps a software update is already necessary. Check for new versions of the iOS, download and install and this may just do the trick.

What to do if your iPhone’s HomeKit accessories show no response?

Your iPhone’s HomeKit accessory is wonderful if it works that is. Your iPhone’s HomeKit accessory allows you to turn your lights on and off and even lock or unlock your doors. It can be annoying sometimes when your HomeKit doesn’t respond to Siri’s commands and will just display the message “No Response”. In these scenarios, perhaps it is time to connect to your iCloud account. Toggle on Home and make sure that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections are also enabled because most HomeKit accessories utilize these for connectivity. Check whether you have a good network connection and reset all the accessories in your HomeKit individually. You can also relaunch the Home app and re-add all the devices in your HomeKit.

Nowadays, people barely leave their homes without a phone. Modern technological advancements made is effortless for people to communicate and collaborate. But apart from the basic call and messaging functions, there is already so much more you can do with a smartphone like an iPhone. Equip yourself with basic iPhone troubleshooting know-how, which proves to be beneficial if you ever find yourself encountering a common problem experienced by iPhone users.

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