5 Best Writing Websites Online for Technology Research

It is not as simple as it seems to find something online in free sources when you need to make a quality technology research. For many students with other specializations, research is just one of the assignments, but for technology students it can be a real challenge, as libraries are often not enough, and of course, you can’t have 24/7 access to it, not speaking of extra inconveniences of using them in our digital age.

Best Writing Websites Online

The things go even worse when we are talking about international students and students abroad getting their diploma through what is called “distance education” – they struggle much more with research, as they can only rely on online websites and online libraries their universities have contracts with. We’ve gathered a brief but powerful list of writing websites you can use for technology research. Hope, you can make use of them.

 List of 5 Best Writing Websites Online for Technology Research

1. Library of Congress

Many students think that Library of Congress is only good for history or cultural research, but you should know it is absolutely far from truth. You can use it to look for inventions, and history of technology, and the newest patents in your technology field, etc. It is not a simple process to find what you need there, as the search engine in-built is challenging, but with some practice it can become a second Google in your research tool box.


We bet you know this one, so we just want to remind you about it. You can use it for technology research, and if your college or university doesn’t have direct contract with this website, you can buy monthly excess for the time you write a research paper. If it is expensive for you now, it is a good idea to cooperate with some of your peer researchers.

3. Smart Writing Service

Smart Writing Service is a professional academic writing service with years of experience and with one of the best teams of highly qualified research paper writers out there. They have a team of experts in almost any field, and if you need someone to do research for you, so you can proceed with your paper, or you need the whole paper to be created from scratch, these are your guys.

If you are sure you will write your entire paper yourself, here are some hips given by expert authors from this reliable research paper writing service.

“Finding good efficient websites, is not the only thing necessary to succeed in research. The organization of the research process is your key to success.” (Adele)

Here are some more tips on how to do it efficiently and on time, no matter the topic or your level of education:

  • Limit time for research. Otherwise you will get stuck browsing through the same links again and again, and not starting writing, thinking you are actually doing something, but actually not getting closer to your ultimate goal.
  • Use only credible sources, no matter what. We are sure you know this rule, but the problem is, it is very tempting to use some astonishing information published in a blog that has no credibility. Just don’t. Even if you don’t get caught this time, you will get caught eventually and your reputation will be ruined.
  • Note down sources immediately. Don’t rely on your memory or your browser’s search history. If you see something remotely related to your topic, copy the link and add 2-3 words of explanation.
  • If you are sure, you will use a particular source, get it ready to citing right away. It means you should use some credible citation generator, so later you just copy-paste in-text citation and bibliography entry to your work.

4. Refdesk and Infoplease

We put them together because practically they are the same. Lots of information in a variety of fields, not very user-friendly search, but stellar results if you truly know what you are looking for. For what it’s worth, set up an alarm when you enter Refdesk not to lose extra 3-4 hours.

5. Google Scholar

It should have been the first one in our list, because it is the first website you should address when you decide to make technology research. However, many students do it already, so we decided not to bore anyone. Use Google Scholar instead of a simple Google search and you will save time, as you won’t have to deal with lots of irrelevant and hardly relevant blog-post seo promoted results.

When you do research, try to work in preliminary established patterns, it will help you to get less distracted. Use only up-to-date sources and check the newest changes in studies of the particular problem in question.

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