How To Block Someone In Google Plus

Some of my Google Plus friends ask me, How to Block Someone in Google Plus? There are many reasons to need blocking someone on Google plus like disturbing people or unnecessary people. And this is very easy task but sometimes we forget the way.

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That’s why today we write this article in Top PC Tech, and here you know the easy tricks about blocking someone on Google plus.  After completing to block a disturbing person from your Google Plus account you enjoy your fresh and free Google Plus platform. So don’t be late, read the article and then blocking the disturbing people.

Best Way To Block Someone On Google Plus

At first open your browser and then sign in Google Plus account then click on the Friends from top menu bar of your Google Plus account and then click the In This Circle like bellow image.

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Now type the name of the person you want to block in the Search box and click on the profile of the person like bellow photo.

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Now you are in the profile of the person and you click on the arrow sign from bellow of the profile name. See the bellow image.

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Now you get two options and if you want to block the person then click the second option that says, Report/block.

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Finally you see a new dialogue box and there you click the two check boxes and then click on the Done button from bellow.

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By this method you can block someone from your Google Plus circle but if you want to unblock someone then you can read the bellow steps and then unblock someone in Google Plus.

Best Way To Unblock Someone In Google Plus

This is also an easy task but many of us don’t know the actual way so follow the steps. At first open your Google Plus account and go to the People from Home drop down menu.

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Now you click on the Your Circle tab from the top menu and then click the Actions drop down menu from top left site and click View blocked like bellow image.

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Now you can unblock someone in Google Plus as your choice.

The Final Words

So I hope my readers get the answer that, How to Block Someone in Google Plus. Now, this is your time to comment in the below comment box and share the number of people you already blocked from your Google Plus account.

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