5 Best Home Screen Apps For Android

If this involves designing your Android handset, there is nothing more vital than your home screen. The home screen is the center of the handset, a border through which you’ll right to use and run applications, button between screens, or possibly view icons along with other items of information. No characteristic of the Android handset can be used more normally, and indifference to a number of other process systems, Android gives its clients the chance to not just personalize their home screens, but change them altogether.

The Android Application Store has a large number of home alternative applications readily available for download, many of them free of charge. Also recognized as launchers, these applications present a completely new interface towards the monitor frequently showing softer, faster, and much more capable than their stock alternatives. Those are the pinnacle of customization to have an Android smart handset, and listed here are the very best home screen Apps for android at present available:

5 Best Home Screen Apps For Android Reviewed In 2021

1. Slide Screen

Slide Screen

A couple of home alternative applications have a farther turn in the stock launcher than Slide Screen. Rather than sporting several screens on which you’ll place applications, icons, and other things you want, SlideScreen utilizes just one screen inside a display that proves aesthetically pleasing while still providing you with use of virtually every little bit of information you may want. It’s highly simple to modify, smooth and efficient and provides you easy accessibility information you would like.

2. Home++

Home++ is considered the most downloaded home alternative applications available on the market. Unlike Slide Screen, it keeps the fundamental concepts of the Android desktop, however, it adds some functionality of their own.


You are able to personalize the number of displays you desire to possess-between three and seven-and Home++ also has a drag and drop un-install feature along with a built-in task killer which makes your phone faster while conserving battery along the way. Upgrading over most stock launchers, Home++ is a great application for individuals searching for some added functionality without drastically altering their phone.

3. Apex Launcher

For individuals with older Android phones who don’t put on the current Jelly Bean software update, Apex Launcher shows particularly enticing.

Apex Launcher

The home preference application presents a Jelly Bean turn to your phone while adding functionality and providing the ability to personalize from the number of screens to how folders appear as well as application animations. Stated to consume much less battery energy than its alternatives, this application gives you an identical feel and look of Android Jelly Bean with no actual update.

4. Go Launcher

Perhaps typically the most popular home alternative application around the Android marketplace, Go Launcher obtains personalization one point further. It offers a superior the opportunity to change and personalize nearly anything and you will find literally 100s of various styles on the application store for simple download.

Go Launcher

Smooth and quick, Go Launcher also combines well having a slew of other -Go- applications for example Go Locker and Go SMS providing you with the opportunity to provide your phone an entire overhaul. Downloaded by greater than 50 million people, Go Launcher is among the most widely used applications within the application store period.

5. Launcher Professional

Complete with the customization ability featuring of their alternatives, Launcher Professional provides most likely the smoothest and fastest interface associated with a home alternative application currently available.

Launcher pro

The disposable version around the application store does greater than suffice, but for a few dollars, you will get the Professional version and truly unlock the abilities of the phone. Using its own group of helpful icons, Launcher Professional is really as solid and reliable as a home alternative application could possibly get.

If you like the conventional Android concept with no styles and yet another clutter, Launcher Professional may be the application for you personally. This is exactly why it tops their list.

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