5 Best Augmented Reality Apps For Android

Augmented reality (AR) is an innovative and modern concept of technology that everyone has to know and experience. It is only a part of the advanced technology that we must look forward in the future. Augmented Reality Apps is a work that puts in different kinds of images that are computer-generated that depicts a complete picture of realities in the world.

Best Augmented Reality Apps For Android

Many people and users see AR in multimedia and gaming platforms such as Pokemon Go and Just a line that is both available on Android and iOS. But, the leading AR developers like Arloopa, Magic Leap, and Meta also prefer to have an augmented reality app development that will be useful in problem-solving and productivity, and not only in terms of gaming and entertainment.

The Google Play and App Store has too many AR apps, and in general, a lot of them are not useful and horrible to use. Well, it’s a good thing that Pokemon Go caught the interest of many mobile gamers even though it encourages the players to go outside and be in public while playing the game.

Many augmented- reality apps do not have a real objective and just taking advantage of the latest trend in technology. One example is an app that makes an AR tape measure that is very imprecise and doesn’t serve its purpose. There are also AR apps that let you dodge at Sudoku, solve puzzles, and even answer a word game without touching your phone screen.

Even with the number of useless and ambiguous AR apps now in both Google Play Store and App Store, major developers take advantage of the up-to-date technology by creating augmented reality applications that are very helpful, satisfying, and impressive.

5 Best Augmented Reality Apps For Android In 2021

Here are the 5 Augmented Reality applications on Android that you should try:

1. Google Translate

This is an incredibly valuable application that uses augmented reality, it can effectively decipher a foreign language by taking a photo, and Google Translate will do the rest. This encourages you to comprehend the language in papers, on signs, and even images. By using this App, it is very helpful and handy that it doesn’t need you to hire an interpreter or even learn a lot of foreign languages.

Google Translate

You will need to rely on the accuracy of this App for free. It supports more than a hundred languages, can transcribe 37 languages by way of capturing word images and 27 languages by using the augmented reality mode. So technically, just open the application, capture a word image you want to translate and let Google Translate play out the interpretation. Completely precise and snappy, this one will take care of your communication issues.

2. Pokemon Go

The list of the best AR apps is not complete without mentioning Niantic’s Pokémon Go – a game that immediately caught everybody’s interest and gave them a motivation to go outside their homes, stroll around, and get various Pokémon characters. This App operates with GPS to check your area and make progress on your in-game character, while your mobile phone camera is utilized to depict a Pokémon in reality.

Generally, this game works given the fact that it hasn’t crashed while being used by many players. There aren’t plenty of guidelines when you begin to play it, or any data concerning the game mechanics. By using the power of the internet, researching what should be done isn’t that hard to know.

Pokemon Go AR Apps

Players of the Ingress, also developed by Niantic, might see numerous likenesses between their two games, as the gyms and Pokéstops. Up until this point, the game has gotten numerous updates which include the player versus player fights. What’s another good news is many new Pokémon have been included.

Niantic keeps on upgrading the game to optimize its gaming performance for the players’ satisfaction and include new highlights. By all this, we can envision that Pokémon Go will remain for a long period.

3. SketchAR

Most of us want to have the ability to draw; however, not all are rewarded with such natural skill or have adequate time to learn it. SketchAR is the perfect App that will give you an easy route in learning the skill to draw via augmented reality.

SketchAR has been in Google Playstore since April, and ongoing updates have a time-lapse mode. Therefore, it achieved a flavored drawing application. With this App, you can be the new Picasso or any drawing artist you want to be!

SketchAR Android Apps

The application is straightforward, but it is not exactly basic enough. AR should be extremely consistent to be favorable to you. You can start by illustrating four circles. These circles are utilized by the application to stay in the virtual illustration page.

To avoid any disruption, you should make sure to tie down the page. Its new time-lapse mode will also give you a good impression. It will capture the whole process of your drawing, and if you want to make a total recap of your work, your sketch will gather together in just a blink of an eye.

4. MondlyAR

This App has changed the process of learning a foreign language was sought after before. Normally, to know the basics of a foreign language, you must read books, take note of some vocabulary words, and spend a decent total of cash for just a couple of hours in a class for seven days.

MondlyAR brings to you the first-ever AR language learning app that uses speech recognition and tries to supplement your learning experience with human interaction. The virtual learning assistant helps you to learn phrases and words hence making the App more interactive by leveraging the speech recognition technology.

Mondly AR Apps

The application is good and exhilarating as it shows you how to articulate the words in its foreign language. MondlyAR is accessible for both Android and iOS. You can study English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and 20 additional languages that are included in the updates of the App.

5. ViewRanger

If you are fond of climbing, traveling, or biking, you’re going to adore ViewRanger. It’s an application that is planned particularly for travelers and hikers who wants to go on a new adventure. It has a lot of trails you can look through.

ViewRanger AR Apps

More significantly, you can empower GPS to distinguish your area and use ViewRanger to put in your planned trail as you’re making your first journey into a new area. Regardless of whether it’s your first time in the region, you can download geological maps so you’ll be prepared on the trails you should be going into. The application incorporates roads, satellite, and territory maps.

What makes ViewRanger a truly cool AR application is its Skyline mode. When you start using the Skyline mode and capture the scene using your camera, the application will distinguish all the names of the mountains, lakes, and other significant areas close to you. The application has a database of 9,000,000 areas over the world, and still, have numerous potential places for you to research and go into.

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