4 Best Location Sharing Apps for Android In 2021

With the rise of smartphones (and their built-in GPS), people began a easier way to share what they’re up to with their friends. Some folks began realizing the fact that “I’m on Times Square” is way old-fashioned compared to turning on the GPS and let the phone decide my location. Based on that, location sharing Apps and social platforms began to rise.

Location Sharing Apps for Android

Today, I show you a couple of really cool location-sharing apps for Android that you might wanna try out with your friends. In all of the below apps, you can select to show your location to your friends only. Some other apps, such as Google+, allows you to publicly share your location — standalone or along with a picture or status (known as Thoughts). However, I strongly recommend not sharing your status publicly on social networking sites.

4 Most Popular Location Sharing Apps For Android In 2021

1. Foursquare City Guide

Do I really need to introduce you to this already popular location-sharing service? Foursquare is one of the most popular services that allow you to share your location with your friends. It already has all the restaurants, gas stations, parks, subway stations, train stations and all the other places you can imagine. So, you don’t really need to type where you are. You can just turn the GPS on, fire up the Foursquare app and it will decide where you are right now. You can then select your exact location.


As an added bonus, Foursquare allows you to upload photos along with check-ins. You can also share your check-in stories with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Foursquare also has this “badge” thing that you can win by checking-in to certain places multiple times. For example, if you check into different places in the same week, you get an explorer badge.

2. Facebook

Ah, the largest social networking on the planet. It has the same features such as Foursquare but with the lack of badge function and with a lot less places to check in to.


However, if there were at least a few people checking in from a place, it’s already on Facebook. So, you won’t have any trouble looking up the restaurant or glossary store you’re right now at when you try checking in to Facebook.

3. Google Latitude

If you’re a Google user, which I do believe you are since you’re using an Android, you can try out this Google Latitude service that comes default with Google Maps. With this, you can share your location in real-time with selected friends. You won’t see everyone on your Google contacts.


You have to be friends with them again in order to see their location. It’s much like Facebook. In the same way, your friend has to invite you to his Google Latitude first if they want to see your location on Latitude. They won’t see it even if they are chatting with you on Google Talk right now. Just in case you accidentally removed Google Maps from your device, click on the title.

4. Google+

Google+ may sound like a ghost town to you. But it’s actually not. It’s your stream that is a ghost town. If you can drag enough of your friends to Google+, you will discover the true potential of the service.


Location-sharing on Google+ is almost the same as Facebook. But I was blown away with the number of places Google+ was able to list from around where I am. ATM booths and places that many other location services don’t even count were there. And then I remembered, it’s all coming from Google Maps!

If you use Google+, which I recommend you should (and you can circle me here), you should try out the location-sharing option at least once. Trust me, you’ll love it. And the interface of Google+ Android app is awesome as well.

The Final Words (Conclusion)

Location sharing is fun when those you’re sharing with are your real-life friends (or friends that really matter). You really don’t want to announce when you’re away from home on a public stage. So, you should not add strangers to your location-sharing services such as Foursquare or Google Latitude. However, for Facebook, you should be more careful about sharing your location if you have a lot of strangers on your list as I do. Hope, this most popular 4 location-sharing apps for Android may install to your android device.

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